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Travelog Departure. This is from my first trip to Indonesia and Thailand back in 1986. A lot has changed since then, both in Southeast Asia and in myself. I re-discovered this writing which was in old dot matrix type from my first computer, a Tandy, and since it was fading, saved it. The sense of naivety and awe that I felt with the magic of the first steps in places that I had dreamt about since I was a child looking through my Nana's Time-Life series books.

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Authentic cookbooks that have been personally tested and reviewed, enabling you to make easy and reliable cookbook selections. My experience with these cuisines comes from close to 30 years of cooking the foods of Asia and Oceania, extensive travel in Asia, and living in Hawai‘i.

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Indonesian Cookbooks
Indonesian Street Food Secrets Indonesian Street Food Secrets - by Keith Ruskin Miller (Hardcover - 2002) - Includes a CD with hours of music and video as well as a CD version of the cookbook. Indonesian Street Food Secrets begins with a very helpful pictorial glossary and goes on to unforgettable tasting recipes. One of my delights in Indonesia was scouring the street vendor scene for cheap, delicious eats and trying the same dish from numerous vendors, then picking the best to patronize in each town. This book takes me back to the best.
Southeast Asian Specialties Southeast Asian Specialties: A Culinary Journey - Rosalind Mowe, ed. - At first glance Southeast Asian Specialties appears to be a coffee table book, but it is much more. Great photos give way to information on ingredients, cooking methods and culture of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Whole pages devote full-color displays of fish and seafood, kinds of spice pastes, fruits and vegetables, sweets, and herbs. I learned a thing or two from the section on Indonesia, even though I spent many months there. This is also a recipe book. An amazing number of authentic recipes are found sprinkled throughout the book, though, unfortunately, in tiny type - my only complaint.
The Exotic Kitchens of Indonesia The Exotic Kitchens of Indonesia: Recipes from the Outer islands - by Copeland Marks - This book is filled with tasty recipes from some of Indonesia's outer islands. If you have been there, you will find recipes for many of the dishes you probably had on the islands of Bali, Sumatera, Nias, Ambon, Flores, Sumba and Timor.
The Food of Bali The Food of Bali: Authentic Recipes from the Island of the Gods - (Periplus World Cookbooks) - by Heinz Von Holzen, et al (Paperback - 1996) - The Food of Bali is one more in a very attractive series of cookbooks, each giving some information on the country, foods, & ingredients, as well as a very decent sampling of recipes from each country. A good introduction that is well illustrated.
The Food of Indonesia The Food of Indonesia - Authentic Recipes from the Spice Islands (Periplus World Cookbooks) - by Heinz Bon Holzen, et al (Paperback - 1995) - For its 120 pages, The Food of Indonesia gives an authentic sampling of a wide variety of Indonesian foods. Nicely illustrated.
Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian Cuisine Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian Cuisiine - by Christine Siahir Hwang, Wei-Chuan Publishing - (An International Cuisine Series Cookbook) About 70 simply presented, easily followed, authentic recipes fill this modest book. After a brief but informative introduction to the 3 countries, almost 1'3 of the book is then devoted to ingredients and seasonings, spices and herbs, stocks, pickled salads, condiments, sambals and spice mixes. Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian Cuisine is a sweet little book.
Taste of Indonesia Taste of Indonesia: Recipes from the Spice Islands - by Helena Soedjak, Ph.D., et al Paperback 2001)
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